John McKay Headshot Photographer

Folio building for teen model Nat

Along with traditional headshots, I also offer folio building sessions for models, actors and branding clients. I’ve been working with Nat for a few years now, and have watched her grow into a confident and captivating model. She has otherworldly gaze and is always a lot of fun to shoot. Her modelling buddy on the day was Charlie Di Stefano. To book your next folio building session, please phone +61 (0)413 189 235 or send me a message

Folio building for teen model/actor Charlie

Outtakes from a recent folio building session with model and actor Charlie of Giant Management, who did a fantastic job with his dashing looks. These were shot around Collingwood, Melbourne, using either natural light or a single Profoto B1 with Magnum reflector. For all model/actor folio sessions, please phone +61 (0)413 189 235 or send a message.

Headshot outtakes for Rhiannon Buesnel-May

Unedited headshot outtakes for Rhiannon Buesnel-May at headquarters in Yarraville. Looking amazing Rhiannon had a large range of great shots to choose from - her modelling and acting experience was obviously a big plus in making my job easy to create fantastic headshots. These unedited images were shot with a single light in a small bathroom - demonstrating that studio quality headshots can be attained just about anywhere with the right equipment and expertise. Ph  +61(0)413 189 235 to book your shoot or send me a message here

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